Hand Crafted Chocolate Truffles

Our truffles here at Walker's Candies, are made right from scratch. We first make the mixture, cut and roll them, then dip them. After that, we package them in all sorts of sizes , ranging from 1 to 48 truffles. There are 18 different flavours of truffles. You can purchase them in boxes or in bulk.


Handcrafted cream filled chocolates

Our cream filled or soft centered chocolates are also hand  crafted. We have 7 different flavours to choose from, plus our famous snowballs, that have vanilla cream dipped in chocolate, then dipped in coconut.


Diabetic chocolates (sugar free)

Walker’s diabetic chocolate is made of high quality Belgium chocolate. They come in milk or dark chocolate  and with almonds if you prefer.


Peanut Clusters

We make 3 different types of peanut clusters:   Milk, Dark , and White. Walker’s Candies even roasts their own peanuts.


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