Walkerís Candies, Windsorís oldest chocolate factory, was first opened in1920 by Wallace Walker. Mr. Walker decided to retire in 1989 and the Obeid family took over.








Today the Obeidís continue the time honoured craft in the tradition of the Walker family. On any given day, the Obeidís can be found hand dipping 18 different types of truffles and soft centered chocolates . In addition to using many of the Walkerís original recipes handed down over 86 years ago, they continue to use the original equipment and chocolate making tools, like the 80 year old copper pots, the old marble tables to cool the peanut brittle and chocolate down, and the original scales, to weigh the ingredients.

Walkerís Candies caters to all occasions such as wedding favours, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, valentines day, and other holidays throughout the year. Special orders upon request including  corporate packages and logos.  Delivery is also available.

 Walkerís Candies: for over 86 years, family owned, family operated and dedicated to producing the finest treats possible. For more information or to arrange a group tour of the confectionary, call (519)253-2019